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If your goal is to shape up, get a lean body or having the ultimate fitness, if you are looking to find professional, knowledgeable trainers who deliver up to date, trending training sessions that help to burn tons of calories in short training sessions and on top of this you become more confident in what you are doing and much healthier as well than your place is here with us. Our members will enjoy free seminars and the regular body composition analysis will help to stay in focus. To ensure that you stay injury free, the correct posture will be always monitored and if needed homework will be given.

Train in groups with the benefits of personal training

We know very well the benefits of Personal Training, as FIT360 founders, we have more than 20.000 hours of 1:1 training behind us. As pioneers on the fitness market we incorporated the most important elements of personal training into a group training environment, such as individual attention, question time outside session times as well, body composition measurements, dietary advice and goal setting. Our sessions can be attended by all fitness levels as the exercises and intensities are easily interchangeable and adaptable.

fit360 philosophy

What we stand for is an all-round fitness- and health centric philosophy. We believe that your aim to slim down, shred bodyfat and performance enhancement could be supported by us from many different angles to promote long lasting success. Your heart and cardiovascular system will get a serious boost, your strength, mobility, flexibility also and you will increase your functional muscle mass, your will power improves so does your overall hormonal balance hence you will perform gradually much better at the classes and soon can reap the desired benefits. Lastly, we use the latest training methods in our high intensity classes in order to enhance the body’s ability for fat burning, not only during but also 24-36 hours after the classes as well! Don’t lose out by waiting give us a call!

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Posture correction

Progression tracking

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3Group classes can be attended with XL, XXL, 3xl packages and with MultiSport Pass

AYCM Announcement (from 1st august 2023)
Size XL: We accept the All You Can Move Passes from size XL.
There is a supplementary charge of 600 Ft / entry or 6.300 Ft / month Unlimited Membership.
NEW: SMART goal settings, measurements in each month with your Unlimited Membership.
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The corrective work and posture management not only enhances the aesthetic experience, but help to achieve the athletic and recreational goals as well. Therefore, we have incorporated all the possible postural management tools into our sessions to make the time spent with physical work the safest.
HIIT - High intensity interval training
HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training. The focus is on functional, dynamic exercises done individually or with a partner. High calorie burn, increase of stamina and metabolic optimisation is the main goals with this type of training, basically to become fat burning machines and its not an underestimated statement, you got to try it. You get the chance to check on your body composition on a regular basis in the studio.
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HIRT - High intensity interval training
It is well known fact, that in order to achieve a well-shaped, resilient and athletic body the use of weights is needed, doing cardio alone won’t do the trick. We always emphasise this especially to the ladies, who are a bit afraid of using weights. We start the classes off with stick mobility, mobility drills.
FOUNDATION - Personal training 1:1,1:2 - HIIT/HIRT preparation
We recommend taking few of these sessions to those, who feel that they would still benefit from learning the basics such as using weights with squatting, lunging, pushing, pulling etc. or having difficulty breathing in and out in conjunction with the exercise, therefore not being able to achieve the required spinal stiffness.Those should be also thinking taking these lessons who had injuries and operations which acting as limiting factors to the present.
What do you need to join? – internet connection – ZOOM application or access to Zoom. Good if you have at hand but absolutely not necessary to have – a yoga mat, stretchy band, weights, stable chair or clear wall space that you can lean against.

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building a community

Never train alone. It is great to train with a training partner, who encourages you and makes you strive for more, you are more likely to become consistent which is extremely important. We have good news you probably will find more than one training buddies. We strive to make life interesting and fun outside the studio as well, with weekend BBQs, runs and Saturday morning breakfast at the studio. But if you are the one with an idea, we are happy to support you with it and help implementing it. There is a closed VIP group for our members which is a great platform for communicating ideas.